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Supported Playgroups are an opportunity for parents and carers to share the experience of parenting and learn new parenting skills while being supported by our workers who coordinate the activities. They also provide children with an opportunity to socialise, play and learn in a structured and positive environment. Come and join us and other families learn together 😊

If you are interested in registering for one of our groups, get in contact by phone on 4914 0444 or use the enquiry link.

In partnership with Place of Friends we provide free playgroups for families of 0 to 5-year-olds. The groups offer a mix of indoor and outdoor play, arts and crafts, singalongs and story time with a child led focus. The duration of the playgroup is 2 hours and parents are welcome to stay for as long as is appropriate to their needs. Support for parents from family workers is available.

In partnership with Place of Friends and HNE Health we provide a Supported Playgroup for new parents during school terms. Sessions include: •Knowing me, knowing you • Work it baby – exercise for your bub • Go to sleep! • Munch time – weaning and teething • The Jealousy Factor – when child #2 arrives and more! Activities are also available for older siblings.

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