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Saretta Fielding


A gathering circle, central to this artwork and surrounded by people symbols, is reflective of friendship and connection. The symbols all face inward highlighting teamwork and collaboration around shared vision. 


Message stick imagery brings a timeline of the journey together and the milestones achieved along the way. This symbolism flows off the edge of the canvas representing past, present and future generations, and the legacy we leave to others, as we pass the baton on.

Maitland Family Support selected local Aboriginal Artist Saretta Fielding’s artwork Konara Connections as representative of our approach within community. Konara is the Awabakal word for clan. Clans are family groups within Country. We recognise the importance of connection and collaboration within family, teams and community as essential to our wellbeing and successful outcomes for all community members, particularly our children. To do well for our children, we have to do well together. Konara Connections shows this image beautifully and resonates with who we are, what we do and why we do it. Thank you for joining us in on this journey.

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